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Consumers' Choice Award 2016
Consumers' Choice Award honors excellence in business. We won the award in 2015 and 2016.... [Read more]
Consumers' Choice Award 2015
Consumers' Choice Award honors excellence in business. We won the award in 2015 and 2016.... [Read more]
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Permanent Concrete Leveling and Lifting Solutions in Hamilton, ON

Have you been noticing cracked or uneven concrete slabs in your driveway, sidewalk, or steps? Sinking and settling concrete is a common problem in the Hamilton, ON area, and can seriously detract from your home's aesthetic appeal and property value. Even worse, cracks in your concrete can cause injury to you, your family, or visitors by increasing the likelihood of tripping and falling on your property. The experts at Brosco Polylevel have over 50 years of combined experience helping homeowners and business owners with all of their concrete leveling and concrete repair needs. As the longest-running concrete slab lifting company in the Hamilton, ON area, we have the professional and reliable service you can depend on for beautiful concrete surfaces that will last for the years to come!

It is our mission to provide high-quality concrete leveling services that will upgrade your home or business's safety and function while boosting aesthetic appeal and increasing value. Our highly trained technicians are experts in the field of concrete restoration, and we pride ourselves on the accuracy of our work. Our dedication to customer service earned us the Consumers' Choice Award in 2015 and 2016, and we strive to provide lasting solutions and dependable service for all of our customers in Hamilton, ON, and nearby.

Our concrete repair services in Hamilton, ON:

  • Residential & commercial concrete leveling
  • Interior concrete slab leveling
  • Concrete restoration
  • Concrete driveway repair
  • Sidewalk repair
  • Pool deck repair
  • And more!

Our PolyLevel Concrete Lifting Services will Restore Value to your Home or Business

At Brosco Polylevel, we only use the best equipment and technology in the industry to guarantee the best results and aesthetic appeal for our projects. That's why we use PolyLevel concrete leveling, a high-quality self-leveling and lifting foam that is much more effective and affordable than mudjacking or slabjacking. Our PolyLevel concrete leveling service works on sidewalks, driveways, pool decks, patios, and interior concrete slabs such as warehouse floors. We guarantee a beautiful concrete finish that will stay permanent and waterproof while adding beauty and style to any property.

Brosco Polylevel is the concrete restoration contractor you can rely on for residential and commercial concrete leveling for sidewalks, driveways, steps, pool decks, porches, patios, and more! We offer free, no-obligation estimates in Hamilton, ON, and areas nearby, so contact us to get started on your concrete repair project today!

Brosco Polylevel also offers a formula known as NexusPro. This product is a concrete crack repair tool that provides flexibility in the toughest weather conditions. 

Work Requests From Hamilton, ON
Vicinity of Eaglewood Drive in Hamilton
I need my sidewalk leveled as one area is a tripping hazard and another needs to be lifted to send water away from the house.
Vicinity of Roland Road in Hamilton
Driveway drop
Vicinity of Mornington Drive in Hamilton
Concrete pool surround needs leveling
Vicinity of St. Andrews Drive in Hamilton
Hi, I would like to get a price for concrete lifting and leveling, thanks
Vicinity of Mohawk Rd. E. in Hamilton
I have a concrete slab settling down in front of my garage on the other side sounds Hollow. I would like to see if I can afford to fix this problem. Thanks
Vicinity of Upper Sherman Ave in Hamilton
The driveway has sunk in several spots and I need a quote and time frame to have it lifted.
Vicinity of Amberwood Street in Hamilton
Pool deck needs raising
Vicinity of in Hamilton
I have 2-3 small slabs (roughly 4' x 3') in a walkway up to my front door which are sunken and I would like them to be levelled with foam injection. Thanks!
Vicinity of Rowntree Drive in Hamilton
Concrete walk to front door sunk about 6 in. In front of garage also1 to 2 in. Also along side of house.
Vicinity of Berkindale Drive in Hamilton
I would like to raise my concrete walkout area to allow rain fall run off to go drain away from my house
Vicinity of Tracey Place in Hamilton
I am looking to replace my concrete driveway and back patio as the have sunk and rain water is pooling up against the house.
Vicinity of Lanscott Place in Hamilton
I have cracks in my pool deck that need repairing and it will need to be levelled.
Vicinity of in Hamilton
Raise 1-2 driveway slabs
Vicinity of Jameston Ave in Hamilton
Our driveway has a number of slabs that are sloping slightly towards the house. The slabs have been cut back 18" away from foundation, and interlock has been put in against house in its place.
Vicinity of Gibson Ave in Hamilton
DIY slab between our home and next door neighbors home, pitched incorrectly, causing water to pool and leak into our basement. The walkway is about 30ft long and 2.5 feet wide. Looking to have it corrected to slope down to the street and away from the houses. Thank you.
Vicinity of Kenwood Crescent in Hamilton
We have a detached garage with multiple cracks in the floor and are looking to see what options there are to repair it. There was a large tree beside the garage that caused the cracking and heaved the floor. It was cut down ~4 years ago and the floor seems to have settled but is cracked in to several large sections.
Vicinity of Diamond Court in Hamilton
Needfront concrete steps lifted
Vicinity of in Hamilton
Concrete around pool in yard need to be raised
Vicinity of Glen Rd. in Hamilton
I have a 4 step poured concrete stair to my front porch. The bottom has sunk a few inches pulling it away from the porch which is separate.
Vicinity of Ruby in Hamilton
Uneven patio
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