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Consumers' Choice Award 2016
Consumers' Choice Award honors excellence in business. We won the award in 2015 and 2016.... [Read more]
Consumers' Choice Award 2015
Consumers' Choice Award honors excellence in business. We won the award in 2015 and 2016.... [Read more]
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Trusted concrete repair company serving Cambridge, ON

Sinking and settling concrete can manifest itself through dangerous cracks and uneven surfaces on your driveway, sidewalk, steps, and other exterior and interior concrete slabs. Not only is broken concrete a blemish on your property's aesthetic appearance, it can also pose a serious safety liability by increasing the chances of tripping and falling outside your home or business. That's where Brosco Polylevel comes in! With over 20 years of experience in the Cambridge, ON area, we have the concrete restoration solutions for all of your residential or commercial concrete leveling needs. From sidewalk repair to pool deck repair, patio repair, and more, we have the trusted solutions and lasting results that you can rely on to boost your property's value and make your concrete surfaces safe once again.

By using the best equipment and technology in the industry, our highly trained concrete restoration specialists are able to increase your home's aesthetic appeal with beautiful concrete finishes while providing a permanent fix for your sunken concrete. Our dedication to excellent customer service has earned us the Consumers' Choice Award, and we are proud of our respectable reputation as a trusted concrete leveling company.

Our concrete repair services in Cambridge, ON include:

  • Sidewalk repair
  • Pool deck repair
  • Porch/patio repair
  • Concrete driveway repair
  • Interior concrete slab leveling
  • Commercial concrete leveling
  • And more!

Eliminate safety hazards and upgrade aesthetic appeal with PolyLevel concrete leveling

Fixing your sunken and settling concrete is not only an investment in your home's value and curb appeal, it is also an investment in the safety of you and your family. At Brosco Polylevel, we put our customers' safety first by using the best equipment and PolyLevel concrete lifting technology to guarantee lasting stability for your concrete surfaces. Unlike mudjacking, which can be messy and time consuming, PolyLevel concrete leveling consists of an expanding foam injection that will raise the concrete to its proper elevation with maximum efficiency, affordability, and permanence.

Our concrete leveling service works for both exterior and interior slab leveling, so we can take care of warehouse floors, pool decks, patios, sidewalks, driveways, concrete steps, and more! No project is too big or too small for our trusted concrete restoration experts.

NexusPro is another product Brosco Polylevel offers. NexusPro is a concrete crack repair formula that can withstand the harshest weather and the most harmful contaminants. 

We proudly serve Cambridge, ON, and surrounding cities and towns. Contact us today to begin your concrete repair project and get a free, no-obligation cost estimate!

Work Requests From Cambridge, ON
Vicinity of Kerwood Dr in Cambridge
I have a sunken driveway and would like a free estimate to repair.
Vicinity of Crestwood Drive in Cambridge
Backyard patio made of 8 large concrete slabs. Needs levelling. Negative slope toward foundation
Vicinity of Burnett Ave in Cambridge
Would like a quote for raising pool deck and walkway
Vicinity of Glenmorris St in Cambridge
We have a poured concrete 5 stair riser which has sunken and we are looking to have it repaired and the stair levels corrected.
Vicinity of Ballantyne in Cambridge
5 sunken slabs around house causing water entering basement
Vicinity of Nutcracker St. in Cambridge
Sinking concrete. Backyard drainage problem.
Vicinity of Birkinshaw Rd. in Cambridge
Pool steps have sunk down about an inch
Vicinity of Randall Rd. in Cambridge
Do you due pool decks
Vicinity of Holbrook Cres in Cambridge
The cement patio around my pool in the one corner is sunken about 2 inches and I would like to have it lifted.
Vicinity of Azores Crescent in Cambridge
The slabs of our driveway have sunk & are deteriorating ... looking for a cost-effective way to avoid total replacement of driveway
Vicinity of Burnett Avenue in Cambridge
I had a concrete drive way and sidewalk put in about 3year ago. I have some cracks, also the side walk was not finished right along with the steps. Have some chiping. Looking for the most cost effective way to resolve it please.
Vicinity of Timber Creek Crescent in Cambridge
A 1 foot are at the bottom corner of drive way is about an inch lower than the sidewalk.
Vicinity of Macatee Place in Cambridge
My hot tub pad (82x87 inches) is approximately 3/4 inches out of level. Would appreciate a quote to correct this issue. Raise the concrete pad or is it possible to resurface the pad?
Vicinity of Mary Avenue in Cambridge
Concrete slab around pool. one side has shifted up about 1.5 inches
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