Brosco Polylevel Q&A

Can Brosco fix my factory or shop floor?

We sure can!  Brosco specializes in raising and leveling concrete slabs.  Sometimes there can be a void under the slab and this can be very dangerous if a forklift is unbalanced.  With the Polylevel system those voids will be filled so there is much less chance of an accident occurring due to teetering slabs.

Can Brosco raise the deck around my pool if it's sinking and cracked?

Absolutely.  We can raise it so it's level again and fill any cracks giving your pool deck a fresh new look.

Can you lift up my driveway so it's level?

We certanly can.  Brosco uses the Polylevel method.  

Can you raise my concrete floor if it's inside the house or garage?

Yes!  Brosco can raise concrete inside or out.

Do you do resurface or parge existing concrete?

No, we don't do anything cosmetic in that sense.

How much does this cost?

It's almost impossible to provide an accurate cost without seeing the concrete, as every situation is different. Voids, rodents, tree roots or rocks can change the job in different ways. It's best for us to see the problem so we can give you a fair price that we can stand behind. Please call Brosco for an estimate.

What are some examples of residential applications for lifting and leveling concrete?

• Patios
• Pool decks / surrounds
• Walkways
• Driveways
• Concrete steps
• Garage floors
• Basement floors

What are the benefits of Polyurethane concrete raising and leveling?

• Smaller holes (5/8’’)
• Can be used for interior or exterior slabs
• Reduced risk or trip and fall liability
• Longer warranty than traditional method
• Impervious to water / moisture beneath slab
• Resistant to freeze-thaw
• Extremely light weight
• Minimal landscaping disruptions
• Controlled expansion
• Cost effective

What are the potential Municipal applications for polyurethane concrete leveling?

• Public pool decks
• City park centers
• Fire halls
• School floors / walkways
• City sidewalks
• Bridge approaches
• Curb sections
• Seawalls / piers

What kind of commercial applications are there for lifting concrete?

• Warehouse floors
• Boat launch bases
• Shop/ warehouse floors
• Plant/ factory floors
• Rocking panels
• Office buildings
• Apartment floors
• Department/ malls stores
• Airport tarmacs
• Store fronts

Why does concrete settle and sink?

-Machinery vibration
-Impact of running water
-Ground movement caused by plant roots
-Freeze-thaw cycles
-Damage caused by insects and animals
-Insufficient drainage or grading
-Poor compaction
-Poor excavation / backfilling practices

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We serve the following areas

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